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Information security

The Ministry of Finance directs and coordinates the development of information security across local and, more particularly, central government. 

The Government Information and Cyber Security Management Board 

The Government Information and Cyber Security Management Board (VAHTI), appointed by the Ministry, is responsible for Government cooperation, steering and development efforts in this area. VAHTI sets all the main policy guidelines for information and cyber security in central government. Different administrative branches and levels of administration are represented in VAHTI. 

A Government Resolution on the development of information security in central government was issued on 26 November 2009. The Resolution provides guidance to central government in developing information security as an integral part of leadership, expertise, risk management and administrative development and functions. VAHTI’s effective cooperation, steering and development of information security in central government will be reinforced. The present Government has discussed the earlier government resolutions and made a decision that this resolution is to be kept in force. 

VAHTI guidelines and instructions are also important reference materials for the public authorities, local government, the private sector and civil society. In addition, the results of the work are used in such international information security forums as the OECD and the EU. VAHTI publications are considered to be of high quality in international comparison. 

The role and tasks of VAHTI in the development, coordination, cooperation and steering of government information and cyber security have been further developed and strengthened. VAHTI deals with all significant central government information and cyber security guidance and policy matters. 

VAHTI has received several awards for improving information security in Finland. The latest OECD report on the development of the global information security culture makes several references to  the operations and results of VAHTI.

VAHTI instructions and projects

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Contact information

VAHTI´s Chairman
Mikael Kiviniemi
Tel. +358 02955 30244

VAHTI´s General Secretary
Information Security Adviser
Aku Hilve

Tel.+358 02955 30088


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