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Economic and structural policy

Economic and structural policy means general government action in pursuit of macroeconomic objectives such as economic growth, employment and price stability.

This section presents key surveys, reports and other material dealing with economic policy objectives and analysing economic policy challenges both in the shorter and longer term.

Member states that have joined the euro area draw up a national Stability Programme every year in accordance with the Stability and Growth Pact. The purpose of these national Stability Programmes is to set out short- and medium-term economic policy measures, especially with a view to ensuring stable and sustainable general government finances.

The EU aims to improve economic policy coordination by focusing on key areas to accelerate sustainable growth in Europe and to boost competitiveness. To this end, the member states draw up national reform programmes describing detailed measures to be instituted in line with the new strategy. Particular emphasis is being placed on meeting national targets and removing national-level bottlenecks that are hampering sustainable development.  



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Decisions on Central Government spending limits


Economic policy recommendations:

In April 2010 OECD published a survey where the organization assessed Finland's economic prospects and policy.

The Survey

IMF, Article IV (2.9.2010)
The Report


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