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Open Government

Open Government

Finland joined the Open Government Partnership Initiative (OGP) in April 2013. The OGP was launched in New York on the 29th of November 2011. The global OGP-initiative aims at promoting more transparent, effective and accountable public administration. The goal is to develop dialogue between citizens and administration and to enhance citizen engagement. The OGP aims at concrete commitments from participating countries to promote transparency, to fight corruption, to citizen participation and to the use of new technologies.

To join Finland delivered a national action plan on how to reach the targets. The action plan will be drafted by engaging citizens and civil society organisations. The Finnish Ministry of Finance has set up a co-operation project to draft the national action plan and to dialogue and engage citizens and civil society organizations. The first self-assessment of the current action plan has been made and delivered to the OGP in September 2014 and simultaneously Finland has began drafting the second action plan.

Open Government partnership: Finland’s self-assessment report

The self-assessment report's purpose  is to discuss the process how Finland joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP) initiative, how Finland drafted and implemented its national Action Plan, and the main results, challenges and forthcoming activities related to the Action Plan.

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Open Government Partnership

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