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A Review of Local Government Productivity Programme Work


Considerable challenges to local government finances and activities form the background to the Local Government Productivity Programme. These challenges arise from growing demand for social welfare and health services due to changes in population age structure, increasing competition for a declining labour force, and the differentiation of population and regional structures in different parts of the country.

On 22 March 2010, the Ministry of Finance established a working group, which was assigned the following tasks: monitoring and evaluating the productivity programme work of the 20 largest cities; directing cities to initiate spearhead projects as well as monitoring and coordinating the implementation of the projects; monitoring the productivity development of the 20 cities; making a proposal on national productivity targets for the improvement of productivity; preparing a proposal on productivity programme preparation guidelines for municipalities and joint municipal authorities; and monitoring the implementation of measures aimed at improving the productivity of municipalities and joint municipal authorities. In addition, the working group was assigned the task of arranging joint monitoring and evaluation seminars for the 20 largest cities, ministries and partners.

This report briefly describes the implementation of the tasks assigned to the Coordination and Monitoring Working Group for the Local Government Productivity Programme. In connection with the working group’s assignment, the following works have already be published: National Productivity Targets for Municipalities, Joint Municipal Authorities and Other Service Providers (Ministry of Finance publication 26/2011, in Finnish); and a guide aimed at supporting productivity work in all municipalities: A Changing Operating Environment – Means to Improve the Productivity of Municipalities and Joint Municipal Authorities (in Finnish).

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A Review of Local Government Productivity Programme Work

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