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Current issues

Expansion of Government powers with regard to municipal mergers will not proceed


The Government Bill on expanding Government authority in matters pertaining to municipal mergers in regions meeting the criteria for urban regions, which is linked to supplementing the Act on Municipal Structure, will not be given to Parliament.

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Economic Survey, Spring 2014, summary (html5) published 3 April 2014.


Monthly data on public finances

The Ministry of Finance begins to provide monthly data on Finnish public finances, broken down by government subsectors in compliance with Council Directive 2011/85/EU on requirements for budgetary frameworks of the Member States. Monthly figures are given for total revenues, total expenditures and fiscal balances of central government, employment pension schemes and other social security funds.

Monthly data on public finances


Government structural reform (


Ministry of Finance informs

Ministry of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is part of the Government. The Ministry prepares economic and fiscal policy, drafts the annual Budget and offers experience in tax policy matters. It is responsible for drafting policy on the financial markets and State employer and human resources policy, and for the overall development of public administration. Moreover, the Ministry is in charge of the legislative and financial requirements of local government functions. It also participates in the work of the European Union and many international organizations.

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